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We buy our fresh seafood from reputable fishermen. The seafood will be caught or captured through humane sustainable methods, handled with care and tight temperature controls, packaged and put on planes, then sold locally at the peak of freshness and quality. We know who caught it, when they caught it, where they caught it, and how they caught it, so we’ll know everything about that fish. That helps Dakota Seafood consistently deliver the highest quality to its customers.

Weekly Availability

Swordfish, NZ, w
Opah, HI, w
#1 Ahi, Bigeye, HI, w
Black Seabass, Baja MX,w
Black Gilled Rock Cod, MX
Lingcod, AK, w
Halibut, AK, w
Mako Shark, HI, w
Red Tail Surf Perch, Baja CA
Ora King Salmon, NZ, sf
Line Caught King Salmon, OR, w
Coho Salmon, AK, w
BC Atlantic Salmon, BC, sf
Hiramasa, Japan
Steelhead, Oregon, w
Yellowtail Jack, CA, w


Oysters this week are:

Summerside Oysters, PEI
Little Shemogue, New Brunswick
Gold Creek, Washington
Pearl Point, Netarts Bay, Oregon
Kumamoto, Humbolt CA
Mayflower Point, Cape Cod
Ring Point, Damariscotta ME
Rocky Shore, PEI