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Spot Prawns

Amaebi or sweet shrimp in Japanese, California spot prawns are known for their sweet, succulent flavor. Our spot prawns are harvested alive in traps in the deep submarine canyons off the San Diego coastline. They are available from late February to September as fishing weather permits.


Additional Information

Spot prawns are often served with their heads on, where the juices add significant flavor. Typically eaten raw in sushi bars or lightly steamed in other applications, this delicacy commands a minimalist approach to cooking and preparation.

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Spot prawns are abundant, and are well-managed by limited entry fishing permits allowing only live-trapping methods. The harvesting results in very little bycatch in contrast to the large invasive trawl nets used to harvest these shrimp in the Pacific Northwest. FishWise and Seafood Watch consider spot prawns a good alternative to less sustainable shrimp varieties.