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Red Snapper

Red Snapper is a lean, moist fish with a firm texture and a distinctive sweet, nutty flavor wich makes it versatile for many flavor components from mild to intense seasoning. Many other fish are marketed as “Red Snapper” but are not the real thing so check your sources, and buy it with the skin on so you can verify the skin color.

Red Snapper Nutritional Facts

Additional Information

The raw flesh of Red Snapper is pinkish with yellow streaks, turning lighter (but not white) when cooked. The skin is deep red along the back which fades to a lighter pinkish-red on the on the belly.

Alternative Names

American Red Snapper, Snapper, Caribbean Red Snapper, Mexican Snapper


The seafood will be caught or captured through humane sustainable methods, handled with care and tight temperature controls, packaged and put on planes, then sold locally at the peak of freshness and quality.