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Fresh Opah, also called Moonfish, has translucent pinkish flesh and beautiful multi-colored skin. The tender top loin of Opah is a light salmon-orange or pink-rose color and is often used for sashimi. The flavor of the top loin is sweet & lean with a texture somewhat like tuna.

Opah Nutritional Facts

Additional Information

The side and lower flesh of Opah is the same light salmon-orange color at the top but fades to a paler color at the bottom and is too fibrous to be used for sashimi but still becomes very tender after cooking. With a robust flavor similar to tuna or swordfish, the lower loin is higher in natural oil than the top loin and has a fat content which can be higher than Salmon.

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Current status: Hawaii opah are being fished sustainably.  Very little is known about opah and Hawaii opah population status is not formally assessed.  There is no evidence that opah populations are in decline, or that overfishing is occurring.