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Farmed King Salmon

Farmed King Salmon have a milder flavor than wild salmon. The flesh ranges from pink to orange depending upon the amount of pigment added to their feed. The flesh has a medium-firm texture with large flakes and a medium fat content.

Farmed King Salmon

Additional Information

Fresh wild King Salmon is the largest of all the wild Pacific salmons, having the highest omega-3 oil content and most velvety texture. It is a delicious, rich-flavored fish which lends itself to a wide variety of cooking applications.

Alternative Names

Chinook Salmon, Blackmouth Salmon, Spring Salmon (a British Columbia name), Smilie, Tyee, Jack Spring (immature Chinook).


Monterey Bay Aquarium’s globally respected consumer guide Seafood Watch® has rated New Zealand’s marine-farmed salmon, including Ōra King salmon, as “Green”, meaning it is a “Best Choice” for consumers.