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Black Cod

Fresh Black Cod (Sablefish) is a richly flavored fish with a high oil content and satiny texture. They are highly valued for their buttery texture and are frequently sold to Japan before the US market. Rich, sweet and buttery flavor with a firm large-flaked, moist texture

Black Cod Nutritional Facts

Additional Information

Due to its high fat content Sablefish has a velvety texture (hence the name “Butterfish” is a common market name) with a mild but distinctive flavor profile. The flesh is white with large, delicate flakes.

Alternative Names

Butterfish, Black Cod, Blackcod, Coalfish, Alaska Cod, Skilfish, Sable, Gindara (sushi)


The seafood will be caught or captured through humane sustainable methods, handled with care and tight temperature controls, packaged and put on planes, then sold locally at the peak of freshness and quality.