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Market Report

As this is the first market report of our new website launch Ill keep this brief…but stay tuned as this will be a great resource for some incredible information as to fisheries conditions, seasons and upcoming and current events that effect the current seafood market.

This week proved to be a great kick of to the Baja fisheries “High season” with landings of white seabass and wild yellowtail starting to show in larger quantities and better quality driving market prices down.

The Wild Salmon season is now in its 3rd week and we have seen a good run of Sockeye, King and Chum. Copper River is still on a very limited harvest keeping prices and demand high while harvest is low, expect these prices to drop within the next couple weeks. Columbia river hoop net season is incredible, if you don’t know about these great fish, each fish is caught by a local native American population on the Columbia river with large nets lowered into the river off of planks. What this means for you is a great wild king salmon that is handled with great care available on your table the next day!

Expect the Halibut season to run strong out of Alaska for the next few months at which time we may switch to a smaller species that runs south all the way to California.

Poor weather in New Zealand and Australia has limited us to a smaller than average selection from the southern hemisphere, but with that being said the quality coming in has been impeccable.

East coast USA, is in full swing with great landings of monkfish, bluefish, skate and the striped bass season is now moving north into NY. If you haven’t tried fresh mackerel…now is the time! This is an incredible fish with great oil content and perfect for smoking. Another overlooked fish from the east coast is golden tilefish, this bottom predator fish is sweet, flakey and one of the shop favorites.

Oysters are shifting into the northern section, with great offerings changing weekly from Prince Edward Island, Washington, Maine and more. Wild Maine Mussels are still proving to be a great choice every week.

Thanks for all your support over the last year! Let me know what else you would like to see and ill be updating this as seasons change, see you soon.

Eric and the DSC Staff.

Weekly Availability

Swordfish, NZ, w
Opah, HI, w
#1 Ahi, Bigeye, HI, w
Black Seabass, Baja MX,w
Black Gilled Rock Cod, MX
Lingcod, AK, w
Halibut, AK, w
Mako Shark, HI, w
Red Tail Surf Perch, Baja CA
Ora King Salmon, NZ, sf
Line Caught King Salmon, OR, w
Coho Salmon, AK, w
BC Atlantic Salmon, BC, sf
Hiramasa, Japan
Steelhead, Oregon, w
Yellowtail Jack, CA, w


Oysters this week are:

Summerside Oysters, PEI
Little Shemogue, New Brunswick
Gold Creek, Washington
Pearl Point, Netarts Bay, Oregon
Kumamoto, Humbolt CA
Mayflower Point, Cape Cod
Ring Point, Damariscotta ME
Rocky Shore, PEI