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June 2015, Eric Sharpe, David Nielsen and Mark Scharn opened the Dakota Seafood Company in Rapid City. We are a retail market and wholesale supplier specializing in fresh seafood. Dakota Seafood is the first company in South Dakota to arrange daily incoming airline flights carrying fresh seafood sourced from around the world. In addition to the retail market, a wholesale operation run by the same Dakota-Seafood-Company-14partners supplies local restaurants.

Sharpe, a seafood fanatic unable to find what he wanted in Rapid City felt the time was right for a full-service seafood market in the area. The Rapid City area attracts growing numbers of health-conscious people and benefits from a strong tourism trade. We supply restaurants in the city with the seafood we bring in however, we are really a retail driven business.

“This opens up a whole new door to acquiring ingredients people aren’t used to around here. It’s not only going to be good for the chefs and restaurants around town, but with a storefront being opened, it’s going to be great for the eating experience in this town.” stated the head chef of a leading Rapid City restaurant.

Dakota Seafood has relationships with and sources seafood from some of the best seafood purveyors in the industry. Dakota-Seafood-Company-15We buy our fresh seafood from reputable fishermen. The seafood will be caught or captured through humane sustainable methods, handled with care and tight temperature controls, packaged and put on planes, then sold locally at the peak of freshness and quality. We know who caught it, when they caught it, where they caught it, and how they caught it, so we’ll know everything about that fish. That helps Dakota Seafood consistently deliver the highest quality to its customers.

We carry a wide selection of fresh seafood. We have a variety of species of oysters all of the time, a minimum of two to three species of salmon. We have yellowtail and grouper, urchin and three different kinds of shrimp and spot prawns. And always the basics – mussels, clams, and tuna and really whatever the best quality seasonal seafood is available.

We help educate customers on selecting and preparing seafood. Our goal is to have you feel confident in what you feed your family. This is an ongoing process that will elevate the dining scene here and maybe elevate what people expect when buying or ordering seafood.